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Marketer & Digital Media Specialist

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Marketing skills and relative tools

Continuous evolving of technology and changes of customers' behaviour are turning Marketing to one of the most complex fields of the modern economy. Marketers, in order to respond to their enhanced responsibilities need to develop a multidimensional profile and keep themselves posted with new tools that will enable their projects to stay ahead of the competition.

Visual Content & Design

Go visual - Increase engagement

The market is evolving rapidly and so words are not enough to keep a targeted group engaged. Creating unique content is the key in catching potential customers' eye and keep them engaged. My advanced knowledge in designing and using creative tools like Adobe's, enables me to produce high quality marketing content.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Online Advertising

Spread the word via online channels

Internet is a relatively new service to the mass-market. As the years passed and its applications evolved, traditional media such us press and radio began to subside in the face of the potential of online media. Consequently, the online advertising gradually gained more and more share of the advertising pie. AdWords is monopolising the interest of the marketers in the specific field as Google's advertising channels are the best to share visual content, such as banner ads and promo videos.

Google AdWords

Web Analytics

Track and report web traffic

Analysing data about the behaviour of website visitors enables business to understand and optimise the use of their websites. As a marketer I also use Web Analytics as a tool for business and market research as well as to measure the results of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics

Web & Social Media Monitoring

Track mentions and get insights

Listening to what is being said across the internet is an efficient way to identify trends, track competitors, and understand customer sentiment. Social media monitoring tools like Mentionlytics, allow marketers to personalize content to specific users or demographics, identify thought leaders or influencers, and respond to positive or negative mentions.


Marketing Automation

Automate marketing activities - Become efficient

Automating marketing activities are increasing the efficiency of marketing campaigns and consequently their reach. Autopilot is a useful self-service marketing automation platform that is offering email, in-app messages, SMS, and postcards. Using tools like it, enabled me to create complex email marketing campaigns based on rules.



Interact with your customers

It is vital for a company to be able to manage the relationship with its current and potential customers. CRM tools are using data analysis about customers' history with a company to improve business relationships with them. I am experienced in using a tool like Intercom, from setting automated messages on a website to interacting with a customer.