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The following articles were written for the blog of Mentionlytics
Article 1

3 Ways To Eavesdrop Your Customers’ Needs And Wants

However good your products or services are, they won’t have any chance if they don’t meet your potential customers’ needs and wants. Customers are not what they used to be, easily convinced buyers are...

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Article 2

Facebook Analytics: How Social Media Monitoring Provides Vital Insights

Facebook is widely known as the world’s leading platform for social media. Having over a billion unique visits each month, it collects extreme amount of data from its visitors. The process of obtaining...

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Article 3

4 Tips for Effective Twitter

Twitter is one of the most effective mediums for broadcasting our views. In comparison to other social media platforms, it provides short, straight to the point, meaningful messages about us or our business...

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Article 4

20 Worst SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has never been easier and complicated at the same time, thanks to all the myths and wrong information being spread on the Internet. The need for SEO has...

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